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Why You Should Bring an Empty Bottle to the Airport

Young man with backpack in airport near flight timetable/

The airport can be a stressful place. You’ve got to make it to your gate, dodge heavy crowds, and stay fueled while doing it! Unfortunately, it’s also an expensive place. The last thing you want to do after rushing to make your flight is spend more of your vacation budget.

One handy airport budgeting tip that might help? Bringing an empty water bottle with you.

If you’re a frequent flier, you already know you can’t take full bottles of water through security thanks to strict TSA rules. But, there are no restrictions when it comes to bringing an empty bottle, whether it’s a clear plastic one or a reusable one from home.

Pass through security and find the nearest drinking fountain to fill it up. Now, you can avoid blowing your vacation budget simply to stay hydrated, and you can take your drink with you on the plane.

Most airports in the U.S. have filling stations that allow you to top off water bottles for free. You can usually find them near the restrooms. But, if you can’t find one near your gate, consider asking a restaurant or food vendor to fill it for you. Some will do it for free. Others might ask you to buy something, but you’ve got to eat anyway, right?

Saving a few bucks on a bottle of water might not seem like much, at first. But, if you travel regularly and you find yourself in multiple airports on one trip, the savings add up quickly. Stay hydrated and keep your wallet happy all at once with this simple money-saving hack.