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How Shoulder Season Travel Can Save You Money

A woman rests in a hammock over the beach overlooking the ocean.

When it comes to planning your next vacation, there’s a travel hack that can help you stretch your budget and make your dream trip more affordable. It’s called “shoulder season travel,” and mastering it can be a game-changer for your wallet and your vacation quality.

So, what is shoulder season? It’s traveling to your dream locations between the main tourism seasons.

Shoulder season travel simply refers to traveling during the period between peak seasons in travel destinations. It’s that sweet spot when the weather is still pleasant, but the tourist crowds have thinned out. Essentially, it’s the Goldilocks of travel times—not too hot with tourists, not too cold with prices. It’s just right.

The exact timing for shoulder season travel varies depending on the destination of choice. This means you want to stay flexible and have an open mind. It’s perfect for savvy travelers.

Obviously, the biggest shoulder season benefit is the cost savings you can rake in. Many airlines, hotels, resorts, and tour operators lower their prices during this time to attract more travelers. You can find discounted flights and accommodation, allowing you to get more value for your money.

Additionally, with the tourist hordes gone, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed vacation experience. Attractions, restaurants, and popular sites are less crowded, allowing you to savor the destination without the hustle and bustle. To many travelers, the shoulder season means peace and quiet.

Surprisingly, shoulder season travel often offers pleasant weather conditions. It’s typically not scorching hot and you won’t have to endure freezing temperatures. This comfortable middle ground allows you to explore a destination comfortably and enjoy the outdoors without discomfort.

Since shoulder season travel timing varies depending on the location, you do want to stay a bit flexible with location and schedule. This flexibility allows you to find affordable travel options that work best for you. You can’t get this sweet spot if you’re rigid in all your travel plans.

If you have a dream destination in mind but want to travel on a budget, then researching that location’s shoulder season is essential. Start by doing some googling on your desired location. Figure out when its tourism season begins and ends.

Be sure to check destination-specific websites such as official tourism websites. These often detail the best times to visit the area as well as off-season information.

It also helps to browse travel blogger content and learn about their advice and personal experiences. You may find unique insights and gather valuable tips and recommendations about your dream location.

Always consider the weather before you travel anywhere on any budget. In some locations, tourism isn’t very high for a good reason. Weather plays a significant role in defining shoulder seasons, so do your best to avoid hurricanes or avalanches. You want your vacation to be fun, remember?